Alex started his teaching career in ESL with children and is now a grade 3 teacher at an international school in China. Having worked as both a teacher and director of studies, Alex provides an insightful look at the role of technology both in classrooms and educational management.

Teachers Who Use Technology


Kim is a high school and continuing studies teacher in Canada. She teaches English Studies in both face to face and online classes. As an early adopter of online education, Kim definitely knows the importance and value of technology in teaching.


Setphen spent many years in the teaching business both internationally and locally in Australia. He is able to explain the function and form of technology through his experiences transitioning from traditional to fully online education. He is currently an ESL trainer and professional trainer for college and career students. 


He uses: Seesaw, Zoom, ClassIn

She uses: Edmodo, Moodle, 

He uses: Zoom, Moodle, Kahoot!

Teacher Interviews

Hey fellow teachers. Have you ever wondered how some teachers today are using technology in their classes?  No, I'm not talking about those IT guys. I'm talking about teachers in general who teach subjects like English, Math, Science, Humanities, and so on. Here you can read interview excerpts from experienced teachers and discover how they have taken advantage of technology in their own classes.