Design (A+)


Kahoot has a really simple, yet fun feel to it. It's colourful, yet well balanced and the images just seem to want to pop out at you. Normally, this would be a terrible thing as these kinds of colours are too intense for normal desktop viewing...but this is an activity app which is supposed to be eye-catching and flavourful.


Function (B)


I've never had more fun designing a quiz! I've only tested the free account, but it's still fully functional and can be played in class without problems. To create a quiz, all you have to do is select "Create kahoot" and then you're given the choice of either using a pre-made template or create it using a blank. I personally prefer using a template since I think it's quicker to modify quizzes than to begin from scratch. The interface is pretty straightforward and easy to use, but unfortunately there are only so many things you can do in terms of customizing the quiz to your own liking. You're limited to doing only multiple-choice format with a single question, picture/sound/video, and up to 4 multiple choice answers to choose from. If teachers don't have time to make quizzes, that's not a problem either because there are literally thousands of Kahoot! quizzes to download online. Although Kahoot! is definitely not going to replace traditional quizzes, I still highly recommend it for the energy and excitement it brings to classrooms.


User Friendliness (A)


Kahoot! was designed with the users in mind. Who are the users? The teachers and the students of course. From the teacher side, it's quick and easy to log in, create quizzes, and set it up with the students. Everything can be done either through use of a smartphone, tablet, or computers so long as there's an internet connection. From the student side, it's also very easy to use. Students can download the Kahoot! app to make it quicker to join, but it’s actually not necessary because they can still open a web browser and type "", then input the pin to join. Just be aware that from my experience, it's crucial the internet connections are stable or else you'll end up with dropped students in the middle of the quiz and although they can rejoin again, their points will be reset to zero which is a real bummer.


Educational Value (B-)


As I mentioned earlier, Kahoot! is not a replacement for actual quizzes as its functions are too limited and might be a bit too casual to be taken seriously. It’s best used as an end of the week stress reliever or reward for hard work. Something that I think teachers should consider is pausing the quiz when most students in the class get an answer wrong. It's the perfect opportunity for teachers to provide valuable feedback because all too often, I get students who are just clicking randomly hoping to gain extra points for speed, which is not very educational. All in all, Kahoot! works really well as a pre-quiz review or a stress reliever after an intense session, but unfortunately, Teachers, you still gotta keep making those good old regular quizzes.


Reviewed by Shua Her (2020)

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It puts a fresh and exciting spin on quiz-taking, but still leaves a lot more to be desired.

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