ARCS Model of Motivation

John Keller is a well known for developing his ARCS model which explains learner motivation. Since many people today are already highly motivated to use mobile technology, we can use Keller's model as a guide to explain why technology is so beneficial in schools. Below is a summary of his theory:

ARCS Model of Motivation



  • something that will catch a person's immediate attention, such as a loud sound, visual stimulus, or a funny joke

  • through inquiry, arousing curiosity, and variety


  • if something is perceived as useful or important at the time

  • is based off of previously learned skills or knowledge


  • the objective is clear and attainable

  • there is evidence of previous success


  • contains rewards or a strong feeling of acomplishment

  • has immediate and positive results


For a more detailed reading on Keller's ARCS model, take a look here.


Teachers or educators can use Keller's model to evaluate or design effective and engaging lessons and activities. Watch this video of how teachers can put Keller's model to use:




ARCS model for classroom learning by B.V. Risbo